“That’s what it’s all about, hokie pokie!” To bring traditional melodies to a concert and call yourself a band, you have to be brave. There are no ways to explain how this band just brings the fun, blew away an approaching storm, got half the audience to get on their feet, and went nuclear on us. They are the nuclear polka band, the bravest of them all, and Merida can learn a thing or two from this band. I know, Disney reference.

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Congratulations! Mary Traxler are the winners of the Academy Sports + Outdoors drawing. Winners receive special seating in the VIP seating area, four folding chairs and a rolling cooler. To win next weeks drawing, open this PDF file for information.
In picture (left to right): Rick Bowen (President of SMPAA), Frankie, and Mary Traxler.

The Summer in the Park 2014 Sponsorship Fans are now available at the Summer in the Park Information Booth during the concerts while supplies last.

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Concert Video (by Antonio Edward) original video

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Concert Video (by Antonio Edward) shakiness corrected

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