From Willow Creek Estates to the San Marcos Plaza Park, the Willow Creek Project gave us a piece of the Americana story.

About Willow Creek Project: Willow Creek Project was formed to record a number of original songs written by members of the founders group and other friends in 2009. Basically, the named was chosen, because most of the core group, actually live in the Willow Creek Estates area of San Marcos, and we thought it sounded pretty good. As it turns out, the basic band is a collaboration of members of Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones and The Grant Mazak Band.

Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones, Winston Haun, Wilbon Davis, and Barry Brittain are the founders, if you want to call them that. Most of the song writing is contributed by Wilbon Davis, although Winston, Barry, Ponty, Randy Woodard, and Bruce Brittain have contributed songs to the group’s 2 CD recording projects.

The core musicians are Ponty Bone, Winston Haun, Wilbon Davis, Barry Brittain, Grant Mazak, Scott Wade, Danny Wade, Richard Bowden, Lauren Rogers Lind, and fair number of talented friends who played on the recordings.

“Stepped In The Rhythm” was the group’s first studio recording, released in December of 2011. The second album, “Stepped In It Again” will be released at the July 24, 2014 Summer In The Park performance.

The musical style of Willow Creek Project is hard to describe, because the musicians like to play all kinds of material. Primarily, the music is Americana story telling heavily influenced by country, folk, blues, and zydeco. Willow Creek Project music appeals to a brought range of listeners, featuring 5 lead lead vocalists, producing a constantly changing pace and feel in each performance.

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Willow Creek Project

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