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SMPAA donates to help students with private voice lessons

Members of the San Marcos Performing Arts Association (SMPAA) Board of Directors present SMHS Choir Director Dawn Sheridan-Reinhuber, students and faculty with a $2,000 donation to help financially strapped young singers afford private voice lessons. Tax-deductible contributions towards this on-going […]

SMPAA donates money to help musicians get health insurance

The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) Ambassador Kent Finley and Director Chris Alberts are presented a $2,000 donation by San Marcos Performing Arts Association (SMPAA) President Rick Bowen and Secretary/Treasurer Wanda Runyon to help continue providing health insurance to […]

Subscribe to our podcast!

We added a podcast plugin that adds a podcast feature to our site. Now, you can subscribe to our podcast and download the videos directly to your computer or mobile devices. All video files are MP4 video files. The videos […]