New Alert Box


From Antonio Edward:

The Summer in the Park concert this past Thursday had to be relocated indoors because of an approaching storm that may have spoiled our fun in the park. How do we let the general public know about changes in location, schedule, and notices? Social Media is a good way to stay updated, but not everyone uses social media. Most business websites have an alert box at the top of the page to warn, alert, and inform visitors of any changes. A good way to alert people is a header alert box like the one in the picture above. This will add one more feature to our site. When there is no alert, the box disappears.

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I need your help! In the comments below, what color do you feel is best for alert boxes. Right now, I am using a bright yellow. Do you feel that the color is too bright, a more subtle yellow is better, or a different color. I will leave the alert box in the header for about 3 days (from Saturday night, July 19, 2014 until Tuesday night, July 22, 2014). Any feedback will be appreciated by commenting below. Thank you in advanced.

Antonio Edward
IT, Social Media Strategist, and Web Site Administrator for SMPAA

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